The 5 minute Championship was played on 6th September 2018 at Trowbridge. Jim Sherwin won the championship, Adrian Champion was second and Chris Lamming third. Results.


The Wiltshire Championship took place between 9th and 11th March 2018. Major winner Mark Potter, Intermediate Amanda Jones and Michael Pope, Minor Jessica Mellor.


The Team Rapidplay took place on 26th November 2017. Nationwide retained the Team Championship. Individual winners were Sven Zeidler (Open), Amogh Sarpotdar and Ian Pickup (<161), Dave Brown, George Georgiou, Gary Loyden and David Skyrne (<131), Angad Sarpotdar (Junior).


The 5 minute Championship was played on 4th September 2017. Jim Sherwin won the championship with 10½/11, Lewis Martin was second with 9½/11.